Sometimes I feel like the world’s people are divided in two camps, one on the right side of the river, the other on the left. Some people from both sides are trying to build a bridge over the river, a violent passing of water, while others from both sides are trying to keep the bridge from happening. I feel like we can never bring peace to the whole world until we can have that bridge, a bridge of understanding, compasion, acceptance of who the other is, and knowing that the other is part of the whole. (the water is the fear, hate, selfishness, etc) I believe that what Jesus said has more to do with this world than the next whatever the afterlife is. Now is the important part of life, not later. We are all created, and in that aspect already the children of God. How we treat each other is a reflection on our own relationship with that creator, however we personally see that creator, or not. Allowing differences is the message I hear from Jesus, and showing compasion even to our enemies – the “good” Sameritan. Getting into heaven should not be the goal, treating each other with respect, especialy those we hate for whatever reason, that is as life should be. When we can stand on the bridge together, and not fear the raging river, that is when peace will come.

Moira Levant April 28th 2019


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