Jeannine Decker was a nun who wrote folk song like music in the 1960’s to the 1980’s. Her most famous song, Domonique, beat the beatles at one point, and a movie was made about her starring Debbie Reynolds (but Jeannine Decker didn’t like it much). She left the nunnery, apparently pushed out, and became a lay person and tried to continue her singing career, but was beset by money troubles. When in the nunery she was protected from taxes. After leaving she then had much to pay back. She and a fellow committed suicide in 1985 unable to see a way out. In 2009 a movie was made about her full life from Belgium, her home country. The title is Sister Smile. I have yet to see it. Thing is, her music is really very good and I think should be heard. Below is the chart topper, and one other.

Moira Levant

5 thoughts on “Sister Smile

      1. Man has made money far more important than is should be. My great grandparents had a farm and made it through the great depression because they had a farm, and they shared what they had extra with neighbors.

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      2. Yes, my in-laws did that, my own ancestors were fortunate to be in a protected industry so made it through by the skin of their teeth, but yes, the ethic was caring for your neighbour.

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