She stared at the phone, waiting for a reply not knowing if one was coming now. The crowded bus swayed as dusk decended. Many of the people on the bus were commuting home after the days work. Some sat, some stood, almost everyone stared at their phones. The one waiting for a reply looked up from her phone for a moment, saw a small child who say her, and waved. It was a real connection, no phony phone friend, but a moment of human interaction. The woman waved back to the child, who’s father also waved.

The bus jolted, and then stopped. Some people got off, none got on, and the woman stared at the child and her father, amazed at the unexpected connection. She put her phone into her pocket, and started to watch the world go by. The father and child stayed seated for another 5 stops, getting off the stop before she was going to get off. They were neighbors somehow.

The bus came to her stop, she got off, and walked home, then looked at her phone and there was a reply, but it was phony, not the reply she really wanted, from a real friend who lived in another city far away.

Moira Levant © June 14th 2019

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