Joseph Vantilburg was born in Ohio c 1831 and died in 1916. I know that he loved music, and songs, and poetry. He joined the Ohio 12th Volunteer Infantry in 1861, faught in battles mainly in Virginia, including 2nd Bull Run, South Mountain, and Antietam. He mustered out after his 3 years, and went home, started a business in lumber and tobacco. He married Abigail Spring on February 26th 1868 and their first child Harry Vantilburg was born in December 1868. He died in February 1870. Their 2nd child Ann was born 4th of April 1870 and died sometime in 1879. The same year his mother Ann died.

His last child Mary Vantilburg was born in July 1881 and lived a long life, to 1968. He served in local government, was an accountant, involved in the GAR as well as being an Odd Fellow. He helped many soldiers gain their pensions.

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