about life

I believe that all lives deserves to be alive. I also believe that some life seems to have it easier than other parts. Take a well cared for garden with flowers that is watered and furtalized well. Happy flowers. What of the alley flower who has made it through the cement. I wonder of that flower is jealous, or just happy to be alive.

If someone is sure you have wronged them, is there any way you can convince them that is not the case?

If you try to help and fail, have you really failed? What if you hadn’t tried at all??

Maybe if we humans lived more, and fixed less, life would be better for everyone?? (animals, plants etc)

Is it possible to help everyone, or is it just the way – if you help one set of people you automatically hurt another, maybe inadvertantly?

Is empathy possible to learn, or is it something we already have when we are first concieved?

I know that the human desire to live is amazing. Beck Weathers died on the South Col (Everest), and then was revived apparently by a thought – a thought of home. He saved himself in a way by saying “today I will try to live”

Victoria Arlen has such an amazing story after being in a vegitative state for 4 years, woke up, and relearned how to walk (she competed on Dancing with the Stars)

Babies deemed unable to live outside the womb, have lived when held close. Touch is so very important. Yet in America hugging each other is often met with w miriad of “no no” not right to invade personal space. Should we mabe hug more and longer??

Moira Levant

Two songs from Fun – I feel better when I listen to them – but does everyone?

2 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. Fun went out recently, though it had a long run. I think we’ve become our “grandparents”, so staid, distant, individualised, ugh. More fun, more hugging, and a bit of risk thrown in I say.


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