Holy Spirit: My Lord 
God: Why have you come?
Holy Spirit: There is a young man who needs to speak to you, urgently.
God: I haven’t the time.
Holy Spirit: Please my Lord, make the time.
Jesus: Father, let me go.

The father let his son go.

Holy Spirit: be careful, he’s an anger lad.
Jesus: All humans are angry now. I will go, bring peace.
Holy Spirit: Will he receive your peace?
Jesus: I don’t know.
The Holy Spirit looked at Jesus hopelessly.
Jesus: Have some hope. There must be yet 10 good people.
Holy Spirit: I’m not so sure about that.

Jesus went to the young man and sat with him. The young man was in agony,
his life was all wrong, and it was everybody’s fault. His mother, his father,
HIS sister. No one loved HIM, no one cared about HIM. Jesus sat with
him anyway, saying I love you.

Jesus: My brother, let go of all that pain. It isn’t good for you.
Boy: I can’t. It’s a part of me. 
Jesus: You can, but it takes effort.
Boy: I will fall and no one will catch me. Nobody loves me, or cares about ME. It hurts, it hurts, life, your peace, it hurts!
Jesus: I love you, I will catch you, but first you must let go of all that pain. It's the pain that hurts you, let go.
Boy: I CAN NOT! It holds me captive, keeps me together. 
Jesus: Try, brother, try.
Boy: My hands burn, it hurts so bad. My body burns! STOP!
Jesus: It will not hurt forever if you continue to let go.
Boy: NO!

In a flash 9 were dead, 27 injured and then the Boy was dead.

Jesus left his peace among the people left, the injured, the helpers, the lost. He then took 10 souls in his arms and brought them to his father. In turn each were greeted by the father, his arms wide, love permeated everything, save the boy who sat next to Jesus, waiting. When the 9 were greeted, God went to the 10th.

God looked at the boy, his arms open and said: Come my son into my arms and be healed.
Boy: You don’t love me.
God : Yes I do, in spite of what you feel.
Boy: You can’t love me, I'm a monster!
God: I do love you - God came near to the boy and sat with him saying again - I love you, I love them, and I love all life, all my creation, even the rocks, and oceans, and earth.

The boy looked at God and cried: I HATE you, I hate life, it’s too hard, I can’t bare it, the loniness, the isolation, the pain. I can’t do anything right!

Jesus: You don’t have to do anything, we love you all the same.

Holy Spirit: He can’t see it yet.
Jesus: No, he can’t.
God: yet he must learn.

The Boy was sent back to earth to learn what Love is through work.
His incarnation was as a worm, who cares for the earth, creating good
earth, that will grow the plants, that create the air, that carries the water
as clouds, that loves the earth, and nourishes the animals, and ALL life. 

Moral - Love comes from within. An adult cares for themselves not making
it a necessity for others to care for the adult. We are responsible for ourselves,
and our own health in all ways. When we are in a state of love, then we can
receive the love that is already there for us.

Moira Levant © August 5th and 6th 2019

11 thoughts on “Futility

      1. I like how you end the story– I remember when I was a teenager and I was going to a Christian youth group. We were talking about hell and punishment and reading a passage from the Bible about predestination ect… Everyone in the group accepted that God’s punishment to send unbelievers to hell for eternity and their privilege to be the few chosen was okay with them. I looked at them nodding their heads up and down but it didn’t sit well with me in my heart.

        I was the only one who disagreed and I was pretty much ignored and pitied by them after that.

        I don’t know what to believe specifically about what happens after we die but your idea is more loving than what I was taught by my religion– and we are told God is love.


      2. kathy – so sorry in a way that that happened to you. I don’t know either what happens when we die, but there is so much in the bible that contradicts itself. To me love IS the answer, and God is the God of all – ALL people. Saturday going into Sunday I could not sleep – not unusual for me, but something was different, I felt disturbed without knowing why. Turns out the happenings that night into morning were only a mile from my house. I was woken Sunday morning to the sound of a text from a friend of mine asking if I was okay. So – did I feel the vibrations around me, am I in tune somehow – I don’t know. But I do know that love is a powerful force. Some babies that should not live, live when left near (on) their mother, skin to skin touching. People who should not survive some disasters do, and they were thinking of their families. Hate, fear, pain, that all tears us apart, love pulls us together, if we can accept the love that is there, and not try to make it what it is not. As adults, well I feel that my happiness, my wellbeing is up to me and if I am unhappy, it’s my fault, nobody elses……. Peace

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