I don't know what to write or 
how to reach out to you my
people, my community
How do I make myself feel
part of this world, my country,
so much feels so very wrong
Did God mean for us to live
in such fear, such pain, turmoil
was that his plan for us all?
are we not to live with joy
more than fear, forboding, pain
I know I would rather be
Joyful in what I have and
at peace with the world, people,
overwheling fear tears the
soul apart from within, and
then will darkness take over from
hope's small light, piercing the night
Moira Levant © August 10 2019

2 thoughts on “Community 2

  1. But I’m not sure what the problems really are. Sure anger and fear plus isolation, and for some brains that don’t seem to work. But I don’t wonder about how many people are alive. The populations in my lifetime has more than doubled.


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