it's Summer to Falloh the colder weather isaround the cournerMoira Levant © October 19 2019


And finally it's here!Music, monsters, adventureAisling, my first novel.Moira Levant © October 18 2019pre-order here for a kindle copy

Good Vibs

Photo by VisionPic .net on I'm in a bad moodI'm going to make you payboth of us sufferI see your bad moodI smile at you, take time andwash away bad vibsMoira Levant © October 17 2019


Careful CarefulOne word prompt I will be carefulas we head toward Halloweenplayful monsters comeMoira Levant © October 16 2019


Brothers togetheroutgoing tough, inward thinkingsitting on a stairyes brothers they arethough different outward and insitting togetherthey are two of sixthough there had been a seventhsix lived beyond birthbrothers and sisterssome outward, some are not butthough different, all loved!Moira Levant © October 14 2019

Orange and Black

Photo by Pixabay on Photo by Dids on Halloween colorspumpkins and cats can witcheswear orange and blackMoira Levant © October 12 2019