Photo by Cedric Lim on Morning has come, anda fresh new day dawns anew.Life in this world too!Moira Levant © September 28 2019

Evening Haiku

Photo by travis blessing on Photo by Sam K on the evening draws nearsleepy eyelids fall awakenthe night's dreams, a lifeMoira Levant © September 27 2019

Bad Days

Where do bad days come from? May I send them back?Sacked!Good days seem rarely thereellusive, hiding,Quacked!Ducks in a V soar home.WarmthWhy can't good days be ducks?Moira Levant © October 25 2019


to coddiwomple I sit and stare into my headlistening to m inner voiceso small, so delicatePeople sometimes stare at menot understandingI walk deep in thought, and hear the cryhelp me, help meso small, invisible, yet I seePeople sometimes stare at their phonesunaware of anyone else's distressI drive on busy streetscare of the car in front…


Photo by Jan Kroon on Gain and loose, that's it.Life in a nutshell, yeppers!Feeling low, I hide.Loose and gain, that's it!Downhill, uphill, and beyond.Life's not a straight road.Keep living , loose, gaingain loose, uphill and downhillall the same, enjoy!!Gain and loose, don't quit!Bad times will not last, and then,let the good times roll! Photo…