Ghostlight is now packedpeople sitting everywherea new livingroomMoira Levant © Nov. 15 2019


See the white blanket across the land, all's quiet and morning coffee Moira Levant © January 13 2019


Constellation – Word of the Day When I was a kid I used to look at the stars and find the constellations. Orion the mighty hunter, the Big Dipper and the little dipper, etc. As we age we sometimes loose that sense of wonder. My father when first on a Russian submarine, was full of…

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So a year ago today I earnestly started this blog. It is a hogpog of thoughts on adversity, animals, baseball, the American Civil War, classical music, coffee (go Ghostlight), cooking, Doctor Who, dogs, education, faith, family, folk music, food, freedom, fun, greed, history, hope, Jazz, life, listening, love, mankind, movies, music old movies, peace, plants,…


Unrequited – Word of the Day   not unrequited rather very much loved, yes by dogs and mankind   Sashka as a pup with Sumo. She grew to be as big as him.   In the very early summer of 2006 a foundling pup was placed in my pack by my nephew and a friend.…

Haiku Monday

Vague zzzzzzzz, morning has come vaguely I rememeber what? Coffee is my friend   ///   Vague the Sage did say wisdom comes in time experience life!   Moira Levant April 23 2018