Photo by Pixabay on sceaming "I'm lonely" makes people run away and makes more loneliness humans lived in groups miss a tribe that never was I must do myself being an adult is less free than being young at least for me, yeah "I'm lonely, and so try to find ways to be me…


Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.comPhoto by Edu Carvalho on I wish I knew what better to say to you passage of time never sways it's task at hand we poor mortals feel time lag, or speed inside in a way lose life to the passage of time the important the time to…

Haiku on love

Photo by fauxels on you, yeah I mean you remember today to love and to be loved, hugs! Moira Levant Feb. 14 2020


When you laugh at others pain doesn't that hurt you? When you cannot see the good an enemy can do, When reconciliation takes 2nd place to ego, can we ever rise and see the other sides yes, plural, sides for there are multiple views of the same thing all valid can we ever laugh together,…


yes, without familythey sit, alone, lonely andread lovely mailsuccess, a smile comesno longer alone, they readreply, keep in touch!Moira Levant Dec. 4 2019

Anger Revised

Anger, I haven’t seen you in awhile Come in and stay, reconsile Danger in being too hostile Anger came in, took off his coat of arms sat down, did not set off any alarm Danger can somehow disarm I sat with him by the fire silence restores the soul Anger turned the key whole transformed…

TG Haiku

Photo by Posawee Suwannaphati on Turkey, and turkeycranberry sauce, potatoes,no whine with the wineMoira Levant © Nov. 29 2019