Springlike in winter wonder what summer will be too hot to handle? Moira Levant © January 15 2020


changes are cominggood and bad and everythingdoes this make haiku?Moira Levant © November 30 2019

Being Liked revised

in order to be likedmust I lie to myself?change who I amso as not offended?can truth be seenas black and white?isn't grey more the color all mixed togetherthe wolf discoveredwhen it asked to be all colorswhat is the difference betweengetting along, and loosing onselfin order to get along?can truth be too truthful?the Hindu's first commandkindness…

This too

Photo by Pixabay on This too shall passgood, bad, and uglyall this shall passsuns rays will dimearth will ceaseand then life?did that happen to other specs of dusthubs of thriving lifein and around the vast universe?This all shall passbut existence, isn't existence eternal?or will that pass as well?Moira Levant © November 8 2019 Photo…


not a writer, nopeI am a musician, yesfather, brother writetime passed, they passed andnow I am a writer, yesso write I must, andyes a writer, yes!and a musician, oh yeahI can do both wellMoira Levant © November 7 2019