Photo by Pixabay on sceaming "I'm lonely" makes people run away and makes more loneliness humans lived in groups miss a tribe that never was I must do myself being an adult is less free than being young at least for me, yeah "I'm lonely, and so try to find ways to be me…

Haiku on love

Photo by fauxels on you, yeah I mean you remember today to love and to be loved, hugs! Moira Levant Feb. 14 2020


Springlike in winter wonder what summer will be too hot to handle? Moira Levant © January 15 2020


changes are cominggood and bad and everythingdoes this make haiku?Moira Levant © November 30 2019

Being Liked revised

in order to be likedmust I lie to myself?change who I amso as not offended?can truth be seenas black and white?isn't grey more the color all mixed togetherthe wolf discoveredwhen it asked to be all colorswhat is the difference betweengetting along, and loosing onselfin order to get along?can truth be too truthful?the Hindu's first commandkindness…