Once again sleep comes what dreams may come, I wonder, in a sleepless night   Moira Levant © October 6 2018

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So a year ago today I earnestly started this blog. It is a hogpog of thoughts on adversity, animals, baseball, the American Civil War, classical music, coffee (go Ghostlight), cooking, Doctor Who, dogs, education, faith, family, folk music, food, freedom, fun, greed, history, hope, Jazz, life, listening, love, mankind, movies, music old movies, peace, plants,…


  The program will be broadcast on facebook live at the time of the concert, EST USA 3:00pm Feb. 11th.    

No Word Prompt

Oh No, no word to write upon! What shall I ever do? I can write about puppies and snow about wolves being grey Oscar Levant and Fred Astaire about music and the muse? Am I at a loss? Sure doesn't seem it for I have never been at a loss for words.   Moira Levant…

Three Haikus

lost in the sound, smell bluesy Jazz, pizza and beer Cozy and happy // lost in my own mind listening to bluesy Jazz, yeah in a cozy place // Warm in my own bed cozy, toasty, very warm winter's cold outside.