Be at peace inside listen to your inner heart imagine your life what life do you want? there will be surprises, turns still imagine life listen, imagine see your life, in your mind's eye be at peace inside Moira Levant September 24 2020

A quiet poem

Among the hustle and bustle remember the quiet and still for being still you may see a beauty of life not seen when loud noises abound Moira Levant © March 15 2020


When you laugh at others pain doesn't that hurt you? When you cannot see the good an enemy can do, When reconciliation takes 2nd place to ego, can we ever rise and see the other sides yes, plural, sides for there are multiple views of the same thing all valid can we ever laugh together,…


Springlike in winter wonder what summer will be too hot to handle? Moira Levant © January 15 2020


soon cold snow will blowall over United Statewhite blanket's covercold snow everywherea fire, secure warmth withinwhite snowy cover Moira Levant © Nov. 11 2019

This too

Photo by Pixabay on This too shall passgood, bad, and uglyall this shall passsuns rays will dimearth will ceaseand then life?did that happen to other specs of dusthubs of thriving lifein and around the vast universe?This all shall passbut existence, isn't existence eternal?or will that pass as well?Moira Levant © November 8 2019 Photo…