Anger Revised

Anger, I haven’t seen you in awhile Come in and stay, reconsile Danger in being too hostile Anger came in, took off his coat of arms sat down, did not set off any alarm Danger can somehow disarm I sat with him by the fire silence restores the soul Anger turned the key whole transformed…

TG Haiku

Photo by Posawee Suwannaphati on Turkey, and turkeycranberry sauce, potatoes,no whine with the wineMoira Levant © Nov. 29 2019

Being Liked

in order to be likedmust I lie to myself?change who I amso others are not offended?can truth ever be seen in black and white?isn't grey more the color of all when mixed togetheras the wolf discoveredwhen it asked to be all colorswhat is the difference betweengetting along, and loosing onselfin order to get along?can truth…

This too

Photo by Pixabay on This too shall passgood, bad, and uglyall this shall passsuns rays will dimearth will ceaseand then life?did that happen to other specs of dusthubs of thriving lifein and around the vast universe?This all shall passbut existence, isn't existence eternal?or will that pass as well?Moira Levant © November 8 2019 Photo…

Evening Haiku

Photo by travis blessing on Photo by Sam K on the evening draws nearsleepy eyelids fall awakenthe night's dreams, a lifeMoira Levant © September 27 2019