What do you want?

Me, what do I want?Respect, purpose, friends?What to do with the rest of humanity?Love them the best I can, and leave them alone.I wish it were that easymaybe it is, and I make it more difficultbut when something unfair seems to happenwhen my vision is obsuredall I see are mine, mewhat of the other?Should I…


yes, without familythey sit, alone, lonely andread lovely mailsuccess, a smile comesno longer alone, they readreply, keep in touch!Moira Levant Dec. 4 2019

Musical Haiku

Violin, fiddle,practice, practice every day!doing, improving fiddle, violinpractice makes it so much funplaying together Moira Levant © December 3 2019levantmusicstudio.com

Anger Revised

Anger, I haven’t seen you in awhile Come in and stay, reconsile Danger in being too hostile Anger came in, took off his coat of arms sat down, did not set off any alarm Danger can somehow disarm I sat with him by the fire silence restores the soul Anger turned the key whole transformed…


changes are cominggood and bad and everythingdoes this make haiku?Moira Levant © November 30 2019

TG Haiku

Photo by Posawee Suwannaphati on Pexels.com Turkey, and turkeycranberry sauce, potatoes,no whine with the wineMoira Levant © Nov. 29 2019