Childhood’s Dreams

Where is your true joy?From childhood, when you were free?pits of adulthoodDreams that become thoughtsfrom childhood can become trueAdult floweringThe pups become dogswithout too much struggle anddogs know joy, they dolet go to becomethe joy you knew long agothe dream you once wereMoira Levant © Dec. 11 2019

learning selflessness

when you feel your needs are not metit is hard to be selflesswhen it seems no one is there to care for youit is hard to care about otherswhen you face loosing everythingfamily, home, reputationit is hard to show respectfear of what might be lies to youdon't listenall you need you haveyou are cared foryou…

A Feathered Thing

Hope, so says the poet, is a feathered thingit rests in the soullove is eturnalit keeps those it loves warm and safeit cheerfully sings in every kind of weatherlove is eturnalit never asks to be repaidlove is eturnaldisquieted souls have no hoperestlessness is in their bloodlove is still eturnalthey are cold, lovelessthey never singlove is…

Ranting like a little Kid

When I was little, I was really little. Born 3 pounds 5 ounces, 15 inches long, yeah, I was small. I had two parents and a brother, and the family dog who all loved me. Now to some memories. My brother was 10 years 9 months older than me. He was always big and strong,…

Being Liked

in order to be likedmust I lie to myself?change who I amso others are not offended?can truth ever be seen in black and white?isn't grey more the color of all when mixed togetheras the wolf discoveredwhen it asked to be all colorswhat is the difference betweengetting along, and loosing onselfin order to get along?can truth…


Photo by Cedric Lim on Morning has come, anda fresh new day dawns anew.Life in this world too!Moira Levant © September 28 2019

Light and Dark

how do I find my waywhat will light the pathnow I seek the new daywhen I lay down wrathin stillness there is truthlisten, then listenhint within leads the waynew start keep seeking, listen wellsleep, rest, waken anewto find the wayMoira Levant © October 10th 2019


I wish I could feel connectionbut being connected and feeling connected are two different thingssometimesselfish to feel disconnectedwellbeing connected to feeling connectedlove flowers in springa dimeto finish I could deal imperfectionforeseeing disconnection fleating connectionnot two different thingsevery timeMoira Levant Sept. 21 2019

No more does music live

What do you do when all you once loved no longer existspeople, pets, music - all gone.How do you rekindle love?How do you let go and let be?How do you know who you are?Do we then die, or can we change,to live in a world we as we are can not live in.What do you…