Hillsborough Disaster 1989

Awhile ago I wrote about Hillsborough. Recently I have revisted the disaster. The families of the 96 people who died have been trying for 30 years to discover the truth of what happened and to hold someone responsible. The main policemen was charged, but aquitted last month in a court trial. 3 years before that…


Awhile back I heard Halcyon speak about a priest who had experienced Burning Man back in 2015. I was intriuged and looked up the sermon Fr. Brian Baker did just after he got back. Here is his blessing The world nowis too dangerousand too beautifulfor anything but love. I bless your eyes be so blessed…

Changing the Baton

The runner is exhausted step after step they take a new runner waits hand outstretched poised, ready to start the old runner stumbles but does not fall picks up their speed as the crowd cheers them on ready for the end of their leg no race is this merely time passing the pace is always…


darkness threatened them yet the lamp's light kept burning piercing the darkness Moira Levant © December 29th 2019


Faith in Love? Maybe. What of Hope, dare the hopeless? Trust in self, the heart. Faith in Love? Maybe. Changing times, the ebb and flow, nothing stays the same. What of hope? Hopeless? The river of time passes, smoothing rough edges. Trust in self, the heart. Always speaks true, listen well! Everything is good. Moira…


Photo by Cedric Lim on Pexels.com Morning has come, anda fresh new day dawns anew.Life in this world too!Moira Levant © September 28 2019

Light and Dark

how do I find my waywhat will light the pathnow I seek the new daywhen I lay down wrathin stillness there is truthlisten, then listenhint within leads the waynew start keep seeking, listen wellsleep, rest, waken anewto find the wayMoira Levant © October 10th 2019


I wish I could feel connectionbut being connected and feeling connected are two different thingssometimesselfish to feel disconnectedwellbeing connected to feeling connectedlove flowers in springa dimeto finish I could deal imperfectionforeseeing disconnection fleating connectionnot two different thingsevery timeMoira Levant Sept. 21 2019

No more does music live

What do you do when all you once loved no longer existspeople, pets, music - all gone.How do you rekindle love?How do you let go and let be?How do you know who you are?Do we then die, or can we change,to live in a world we as we are can not live in.What do you…