Light and Dark

how do I find my waywhat will light the pathnow I seek the new daywhen I lay down wrathin stillness there is truthlisten, then listenhint within leads the waynew start keep seeking, listen wellsleep, rest, waken anewto find the wayMoira Levant © October 10th 2019


I wish I could feel connectionbut being connected and feeling connected are two different thingssometimesselfish to feel disconnectedwellbeing connected to feeling connectedlove flowers in springa dimeto finish I could deal imperfectionforeseeing disconnection fleating connectionnot two different thingsevery timeMoira Levant Sept. 21 2019

No more does music live

What do you do when all you once loved no longer existspeople, pets, music - all gone.How do you rekindle love?How do you let go and let be?How do you know who you are?Do we then die, or can we change,to live in a world we as we are can not live in.What do you…

Let this be the Last time

Let this be the last timewhen bullets flyand loved ones have to say goodbyeLet this be the last sensational newsbroadcastafter bullets flyand the nations cryLet this be the last timean adult son's father saves him from the gunby dying in his armsand so many more also deadno moreLet this be the last timeCain raises his…


Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Knit knit a sweater ornit wit, you will find the pitit is by the kittriskit, basket all fall down Moira Levant © August 12 2019

Community 2

I don't know what to write or how to reach out to you my people, my community How do I make myself feel part of this world, my country, so much feels so very wrong Did God mean for us to live in such fear, such pain, turmoil was that his plan for us all?…

To see

In response to the Word of the Day Challenge: GLIMPSE. please can I see herI will be good, I promiseplease, please, just a glimpseMoira Levant August 10 2019 Photo by Pixabay on