a book about a young violinist My book is now done ,publishing soon - oh yesum must go and teach soon Moira Levant © Feb 12 2019

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So a year ago today I earnestly started this blog. It is a hogpog of thoughts on adversity, animals, baseball, the American Civil War, classical music, coffee (go Ghostlight), cooking, Doctor Who, dogs, education, faith, family, folk music, food, freedom, fun, greed, history, hope, Jazz, life, listening, love, mankind, movies, music old movies, peace, plants,…


  Talk to me, make eye contact see me there, alone help me not feel so alone   walk with me, make conversation have tea, help me learn to listen but make it real, not put on   don't play games with me be real, be true, be a friend when you say you are…

Haiku x 3

  via Daily Prompt: Sympathize     Empathize, can you? Sympathize? humanity, and good, hot coffee   Are villains real? Can evil really be good? Hot chocolate , mhm, mhm.   Oh no, but wait, please. What about those who drink tea? Can we sympathize?   Moira Levant / © Feb 3 2018  …


via Daily Prompt: Conveyor   Conveyor takes us where, we don't really know, and tea is also drunk /// delivery boys convey information to newsmen in times past /// Conveyor belts take stuff on a journey toward our homes, which are stuffed   Moira Levant / © January 31 2018