Wednesday is the day when everything happens and dreams come true, in time Moira Levant Jan. 15 2020

TG Haiku

Photo by Posawee Suwannaphati on Turkey, and turkeycranberry sauce, potatoes,no whine with the wineMoira Levant © Nov. 29 2019

Being Liked

in order to be likedmust I lie to myself?change who I amso others are not offended?can truth ever be seen in black and white?isn't grey more the color of all when mixed togetheras the wolf discoveredwhen it asked to be all colorswhat is the difference betweengetting along, and loosing onselfin order to get along?can truth…

Percephone and her Puppies

Percephone had six puppes and they grew up.Squirrel, there's a squirrel!Six little puppiesgrew up to be dogs, they didthey are two years old!Ralphy, and Sammylive with their mom and dad, yesRalph would like to run!Lady and Midnightlive with a family, they dothey are happy dogsTwo more, yes two moreOlivia has a homewith Edie and NickLilly…


Ghostlight is now packedpeople sitting everywherea new livingroomMoira Levant © Nov. 15 2019

Being there

Photo by Nathan Cowley on what to dowhen there's nothing to dostanding around, or sitting with a friendwatching them implodewhat can I do?sit with them talk to them, listentry to be theretake a piece of their lonliness awayit feels useless, horridly uselessbut it is not, or so the mind sayssometimes it is all that…