For Terri’s Sunday Stills Challenge: Daylight Hours Light and darkMark the nightsight brings correct actiongiven freelyplunderedfight actionpeace brings calmlight and darkmindfulnesssee nowlight and darktogetherMoira Levant © March 10 2019


fire work at it, yes docarve a place for you, work nowand kindle the fireknow you belong andthat carved place is for you. Betrue to you, and workMoira Levant © March 8 2019


Photo by Stephanie Borkowski on Derelict derelict trees feed others giving back to the land what once they took if you can see derelict as useful, in some way most see the word as meaning useless, some kind of lack, to forget ones duty, to be derelict but when life is lived, the body…

How can I loose my sight?

Rectitude – Word of the Day   When I was young I knew I saw black and white clearly defined but then I grew morphed, changed into what I am now sniviling little creature scared of life and black n white are now intermixed grey an aging creature worn, changed, sculpted by time into what?…

Poems on Zealous

Zealous – Word of the Day   Zealous, I'm jealous why can't I connect, feel right? whiskey doesn't help! /// trouble comes to all No hero is zealous, none day dawns anyway /// can't make sense of life life is zealous about life there is no greater . . . . purpose /// zealous zeal…