What do you want?

Me, what do I want?Respect, purpose, friends?What to do with the rest of humanity?Love them the best I can, and leave them alone.I wish it were that easymaybe it is, and I make it more difficultbut when something unfair seems to happenwhen my vision is obsuredall I see are mine, mewhat of the other?Should I…


Anger, I haven’t seen you in awhileCome in and stay, reconsileDanger in being too hostileAnger came in, took off the coat of armssat down, did not set off any alarmDanger can somehow disarmI sat with him by the firesilence restores the soulAnger turned the keyhole wholeAnger transformedlike a pheonix rebornand then became freeMoira Levant ©…


Photo by Daria Sannikova on Pexels.com window staring andquiet inward diologuefast ideas comingslowly into viewnovel inspiration thena new book is bornMoira Levant © Nov. 9 2019 Photo by ALLAN FRANCA CARMO on Pexels.com


new stuff can be goodgo check my new website atlevantmusicstudio.comMoira Levant © Nov.9 2019


not a writer, nopeI am a musician, yesfather, brother writetime passed, they passed andnow I am a writer, yesso write I must, andyes a writer, yes!and a musician, oh yeahI can do both wellMoira Levant © November 7 2019