Joy Haiku

Jump for joy and romp run to and fro, back n forth enjoy your life now! Moira Levant © Feb. 6 2020

Childish vs Adultish

My father at age 81, looking in wonder at the dials on a Russian Submarine. He was like a kid when he saw it docked by the peer, "Can we go see it?" I am 53, and do I see anything with such wonder?? I hope in time I can. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA is it…


When you laugh at others pain doesn't that hurt you? When you cannot see the good an enemy can do, When reconciliation takes 2nd place to ego, can we ever rise and see the other sides yes, plural, sides for there are multiple views of the same thing all valid can we ever laugh together,…


Springlike in winter wonder what summer will be too hot to handle? Moira Levant © January 15 2020


Wednesday is the day when everything happens and dreams come true, in time Moira Levant Jan. 15 2020

Hillsborough Disaster 1989

Awhile ago I wrote about Hillsborough. Recently I have revisted the disaster. The families of the 96 people who died have been trying for 30 years to discover the truth of what happened and to hold someone responsible. The main policemen was charged, but aquitted last month in a court trial. 3 years before that…


Awhile back I heard Halcyon speak about a priest who had experienced Burning Man back in 2015. I was intriuged and looked up the sermon Fr. Brian Baker did just after he got back. Here is his blessing The world nowis too dangerousand too beautifulfor anything but love. I bless your eyes be so blessed…