soon cold snow will blowall over United Statewhite blanket's covercold snow everywherea fire, secure warmth withinwhite snowy cover Moira Levant © Nov. 11 2019


Photo by Daria Sannikova on window staring andquiet inward diologuefast ideas comingslowly into viewnovel inspiration thena new book is bornMoira Levant © Nov. 9 2019 Photo by ALLAN FRANCA CARMO on


new stuff can be goodgo check my new website atlevantmusicstudio.comMoira Levant © Nov.9 2019

This too

Photo by Pixabay on This too shall passgood, bad, and uglyall this shall passsuns rays will dimearth will ceaseand then life?did that happen to other specs of dusthubs of thriving lifein and around the vast universe?This all shall passbut existence, isn't existence eternal?or will that pass as well?Moira Levant © November 8 2019 Photo…


not a writer, nopeI am a musician, yesfather, brother writetime passed, they passed andnow I am a writer, yesso write I must, andyes a writer, yes!and a musician, oh yeahI can do both wellMoira Levant © November 7 2019


Photo by Pixabay on creating websiteshas been made so easy andspiders are weaversMoira Levant © Nov. 3 2019