Ghostlight is now packedpeople sitting everywherea new livingroomMoira Levant © Nov. 15 2019

Being there

Photo by Nathan Cowley on what to dowhen there's nothing to dostanding around, or sitting with a friendwatching them implodewhat can I do?sit with them talk to them, listentry to be theretake a piece of their lonliness awayit feels useless, horridly uselessbut it is not, or so the mind sayssometimes it is all that…


to coddiwomple I sit and stare into my headlistening to m inner voiceso small, so delicatePeople sometimes stare at menot understandingI walk deep in thought, and hear the cryhelp me, help meso small, invisible, yet I seePeople sometimes stare at their phonesunaware of anyone else's distressI drive on busy streetscare of the car in front…


Photo by Jan Kroon on Gain and loose, that's it.Life in a nutshell, yeppers!Feeling low, I hide.Loose and gain, that's it!Downhill, uphill, and beyond.Life's not a straight road.Keep living , loose, gaingain loose, uphill and downhillall the same, enjoy!!Gain and loose, don't quit!Bad times will not last, and then,let the good times roll! Photo…

Good Vibs

Photo by VisionPic .net on I'm in a bad moodI'm going to make you payboth of us sufferI see your bad moodI smile at you, take time andwash away bad vibsMoira Levant © October 17 2019


Brothers togetheroutgoing tough, inward thinkingsitting on a stairyes brothers they arethough different outward and insitting togetherthey are two of sixthough there had been a seventhsix lived beyond birthbrothers and sisterssome outward, some are not butthough different, all loved!Moira Levant © October 14 2019